My Background



As a child of an accomplished calligrapher and a fabric designer, I was imbued with a strong artistic sensibility growing up. I attended Art History courses at NYU and briefly worked as a docent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As soon as I was able to, I packed my bags and traveled the world. I went to Pisa not because of the famous Leaning Tower but for Nicola Pisano. I went to Bologna not for the delicious food (though that too) but to immerse myself in the colonnaded world of Giorgio Morandi.  After running my own business for over 2 decades, I decided to pick up paint brushes for the first time in my early 50's. I learned from many teachers but the one who inspires me the most is the New York artist Josette Urso at the Cooper Union School of Art.  

My Medium


I love watercolor because of its translucency and its ability to brilliantly capture light and atmosphere in nature. So much of watercolor is the game of chance because water is unpredictable. It is in the ability to harness and utilize that unpredictability to one's uttermost advantage that lies the true watercolor artist.

My Inspiration


My work is heavily influenced by Chinese Landscape paintings with their unique use of space and loose brush work. Rather than slavishly copying a scene, I prefer to paint my emotional response to it. I strive for atmosphere and the effects of light on any subject, be it sky, water, sailboats, trees, flowers; and under any weather conditions, be it snow, rain or fog.